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Darwin, North Australia's Premier North, South, East & West Gateway Port!

Updated: Feb 27

The sun is shining, and the wet season clouds are clearing!

Superyacht at sunset departing Darwin Harbour
Superyacht at sunset departing Darwin Harbour: Photo Credit Sebastian Boutin

Australia's northern regions are best enjoyed during the southern hemisphere's 'winter' months of June, July and August, when the weather is dry and stable. The cooler nights (18-20°C) and the daily predictable sea breeze creates balmy days more commonly associated with 'summer', and the region springs into life with festivities and sports events galore! The Northern Territory's world class fishing is at its best during the run-off, which is early in the season, while the Kimberley region in Western Australia (for which Darwin is the perfect platform to start your adventure) is best explored when the Dry Season is in 'full throttle' in July & August.

Superyacht at Cullen Bay Wharf, clearing into Australia: Photo Credit Ayla Lewis-Wharton

Typically, yachts will use the favourable lull in the trade winds during the shoulder seasons (March-May, and September-November) for safe transit north, south, east and west, and as such, Australia's gateway port of Darwin is a hive of international yachting activity from March through to November.

We're noticing increased traffic coming from every direction this year, so reach out to us early with any questions regarding how we can help to ensure safe and smooth transit through this spectacular part of the world.

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We're here to help!

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